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Meet Jessica 🙂

Hello friends! My name is Jessica. I am a Long Island native who was transplanted to Raleigh about 12 years ago. I love Raleigh, this city has stolen my heart. I met my husband here about 10 years ago. Seven years later we were blessed with our twins; Aubrey and Greyson. Life has been a nonstop roller coaster since then! I taught the last 7 years and never imagined I would be taking a year off. Covid-19 and family trauma led me to where I am in this chaotic year as a stay at home virtual preschool teacher?! Life has led me down many unexpected paths this last year and I have learned things I never could have imagined were true. Being home and having the time to read and research and follow current events is both a blessing and a curse; there is a scary amount of truth to the expression ignorance in bliss. I hope with this blog we can help present all the information we have absorbed and help others make well educated and informed decisions about the state of our country. Education can help bring us all back together!

Meet Heather!

Hey everyone, My name is Heather. I am 31 years old and I live in Raleigh, NC. I love to read, watch scary movies, hangout with my dogs, take pictures and enjoy a glass of wine or two with my friends. I adore being outside in nature and laughing with (or at) my boyfriend of almost 4 years (patiently waiting on that ring) ! I love to make jokes, be sarcastic but in all honesty I am constantly trying to learn and grow as a person and that is what has led me here! Get ready, I hope to present you with facts and insight that allows you to think and form your own opinions.

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