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15 Highly Annoying Coworker Behaviors

Written on February 13, 2008 – 11:31 pm | by Coryan |

What do your coworkers do that just drives you insane? Here’s my list of fifteen annoying coworker habits that I’ve compiled from personal experience, reading and conversations with others. Compare this to your own list and let me know what you think.

Coworker Frustrations15. Using speaker phone in a cubicle or office with the door open – First I hear the insanely loud dial tone for a few seconds while you get ready to dial the phone number. Then I get to hear both sides of a conversation that we have no interest in.

14. Unproductive team members – Ah, the joy of team work. Why does there always seem to be one team member who feels content to let everyone else do the work, but is always there to take the credit.

13. Sucking up to the boss – And speaking of credit, the office brown-noser can’t wait to find a new way to be recognized by the boss, even at the expense of others. This person is always there to remind the supervisor just how wonderful they are.

12. Emailing “reply to all” when not everyone needs the message – My email box is full enough with junk I don’t need (see #6). Please don’t send me a reply just because I was on the original distribution list.

11. Offensively strong odors – Whether from cologne, perfume or the tuna sandwich you had for lunch, I shouldn’t have to turn my head to avoid your strong odor. This is the reason more and more offices are becoming scent-free workplaces.

10. Coming to work sick – You’re not doing anyone a favor by coming to work sick. Your productivity suffers, you take longer to get over the illness, and you contaminate the office. Please stay at home and don’t pass on your illness.

9. Chatty interruptions – My desk is not the local town square and my shelf is not a resting place for your coffee cup. Please don’t drop by to chat while I’m trying to work. Find me when I’m on break; then we can discuss the merits of American Idol.

8. The chronically late – Why should the six of us have to wait for you when we all knew the meeting was 8:00 a.m.? Six people waiting ten minutes in one hour of lost work. Being on time is not just a courtesy, it’s an expectation.

7. Ringing cell phones in the office – One of the greatest technological discoveries of the 20th Century was the vibrating cell phone. Learn to put the phone on vibrate or turn it off. Besides, business calls can use the office phone and personal calls can wait.

6. Forwarding junk emails – No I don’t want to read another inspiring email with a pictures of kittens, see a donkey with Hillary’s photoshopped head, or read another joke about a redneck, a priest and a car salesman. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t forward any of those emails and live is still grand!

5. Goofing off at working – Why is it that some people wait until work to do personal grooming (particularly related to fingernails) or surf the Internet? Some of us have work to do and your laziness is a distraction, or worse, a detriment to the company.

4. Helpless coworkers – Sure I can help you unjamming the copier and prepare that package for mailing. But I have a question first. Why is it that after working here for three years, you still don’t have the basic office skills of a two-week temp?

3. Not cleaning up break room messes – First, I could smell that garlic shrimp you had for lunch, and now I’m looking at it in the refrigerator…three weeks later. If cleanliness is next to Godliness; our break room must be hell.

2. Loud music or singing – I didn’t like that song when the Carpenters sung it, didn’t care for it when Sanjaya butchered it, and your rendition isn’t working for me either. Please buy some headphones for the radio, and stop whistling, singing, humming or whatever it is you are doing.

1. Office gossip – And the winner is…the rumor spreading, tale telling, scandal promoting office gossip. Accuracy and relevance are not part of his journalistic criteria. Expect him to pass on even the most trivial of rumors if it have any viral potential.

Okay, now it’s your turn. What office behaviors do you find irritating? And stay tuned for my follow up post on how to deal with these annoying coworkers.



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