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15 Highly Annoying Coworker Behaviors

Written on February 13, 2008 – 11:31 pm | by Coryan |

What do your coworkers do that just drives you insane? Here’s my list of fifteen annoying coworker habits that I’ve compiled from personal experience, reading and conversations with others. Compare this to your own list and let me know what you think.

Coworker Frustrations15. Using speaker phone in a cubicle or office with the door open – First I hear the insanely loud dial tone for a few seconds while you get ready to dial the phone number. Then I get to hear both sides of a conversation that we have no interest in.

14. Unproductive team members – Ah, the joy of team work. Why does there always seem to be one team member who feels content to let everyone else do the work, but is always there to take the credit.

13. Sucking up to the boss – And speaking of credit, the office brown-noser can’t wait to find a new way to be recognized by the boss, even at the expense of others. This person is always there to remind the supervisor just how wonderful they are.

12. Emailing “reply to all” when not everyone needs the message – My email box is full enough with junk I don’t need (see #6). Please don’t send me a reply just because I was on the original distribution list.

11. Offensively strong odors – Whether from cologne, perfume or the tuna sandwich you had for lunch, I shouldn’t have to turn my head to avoid your strong odor. This is the reason more and more offices are becoming scent-free workplaces.

10. Coming to work sick – You’re not doing anyone a favor by coming to work sick. Your productivity suffers, you take longer to get over the illness, and you contaminate the office. Please stay at home and don’t pass on your illness.

9. Chatty interruptions – My desk is not the local town square and my shelf is not a resting place for your coffee cup. Please don’t drop by to chat while I’m trying to work. Find me when I’m on break; then we can discuss the merits of American Idol.

8. The chronically late – Why should the six of us have to wait for you when we all knew the meeting was 8:00 a.m.? Six people waiting ten minutes in one hour of lost work. Being on time is not just a courtesy, it’s an expectation.

7. Ringing cell phones in the office – One of the greatest technological discoveries of the 20th Century was the vibrating cell phone. Learn to put the phone on vibrate or turn it off. Besides, business calls can use the office phone and personal calls can wait.

6. Forwarding junk emails – No I don’t want to read another inspiring email with a pictures of kittens, see a donkey with Hillary’s photoshopped head, or read another joke about a redneck, a priest and a car salesman. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t forward any of those emails and live is still grand!

5. Goofing off at working – Why is it that some people wait until work to do personal grooming (particularly related to fingernails) or surf the Internet? Some of us have work to do and your laziness is a distraction, or worse, a detriment to the company.

4. Helpless coworkers – Sure I can help you unjamming the copier and prepare that package for mailing. But I have a question first. Why is it that after working here for three years, you still don’t have the basic office skills of a two-week temp?

3. Not cleaning up break room messes – First, I could smell that garlic shrimp you had for lunch, and now I’m looking at it in the refrigerator…three weeks later. If cleanliness is next to Godliness; our break room must be hell.

2. Loud music or singing – I didn’t like that song when the Carpenters sung it, didn’t care for it when Sanjaya butchered it, and your rendition isn’t working for me either. Please buy some headphones for the radio, and stop whistling, singing, humming or whatever it is you are doing.

1. Office gossip – And the winner is…the rumor spreading, tale telling, scandal promoting office gossip. Accuracy and relevance are not part of his journalistic criteria. Expect him to pass on even the most trivial of rumors if it have any viral potential.

Okay, now it’s your turn. What office behaviors do you find irritating? And stay tuned for my follow up post on how to deal with these annoying coworkers.


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  1. 51 Responses to “15 Highly Annoying Coworker Behaviors”

  2. By CatherineL on Feb 14, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Coryan – I’ve worked with all those people over the years and they can be so annoying.

    I worked with one girl who had the same name as me and she was always doing mean things like being rude to customers on the phone, then denying it when they complained. So, because I was newer I got the blame for the bad things she did.

  3. By Coryan on Feb 14, 2008 | Reply

    Catherine – Geez, sounds like you’ve got a lot of experience dealing with these types of coworkers. I’m real lucky right now to work in a great office environment, but some of these folks have been office mates of mine in the past.

  4. By CatherineL on Feb 14, 2008 | Reply

    Hi again Coryan – I’m guessing it was about 20 years ago when that happened.

    But, I’ve worked in places where the types you’ve mentioned have worked and I’ve also had some of the offending types work for me.

    I guess it’s not really bad luck – I’ve just worked for a lot of years. Definitely the office gossip one is the worst. I have found that men do this less.

  5. By LJW on Feb 29, 2008 | Reply

    I can top anyone of those!
    We are in a small executive office space, 2 assistants, myself (marketing director that they had no office space for) outside of the 5 owners offices.
    The one assistant is uneducated, not an ounce of class who is overly personal w/ customers and speaks excessively loud. She tells anyone who would listen her entire life story (which is pathetic). She has 5 children who can’t even grocery shop w/o consulting her. The personal phone calls have even lasted up to an hour and my desk is maybe 5′ away and ther is no way for me to focus.
    When she talk on the phone, she continuously pounds her fist on the desk. When she walks, she stomps. She talks to herself incessantly and says “Rats” when she does something wrong about a 1,000 times a day. She has absolutely nothing to do when I have a things to do list a mile long and no way to concentrate. Our owners say ther is nothing they can do – it is her ethnic background and just her personality.

  6. By Coryan on Feb 29, 2008 | Reply

    LJW – That is pretty bad! Sounds like the business owners are hiding behind her ethnicity instead of dealing with the problem.

  7. By MIAM on Mar 6, 2008 | Reply

    How can I deal!? I sit beside someone who is constanting coughing (one of those nasty juicy smokers coughs), talks to herself all day, is a loud talker, and laughs out loud to herself at least 4 times a day. Oh, and she smokes so she’s always bringing back nasty stale smelling smoke with her. She’s generally a nice person but has these incessently annoying habits…I dread coming to work everyday! I don’t know what to do!! I can’t get relocated because I sit right outside my bosses door. She refuses to be moved because of ‘lighting’ issues…any ideas are welcome…I’m desperate!

  8. By Coryan on Mar 6, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Miam. Your situation sounds unbearable.

    Have you read my post titled “How to deal with annoying coworker behaviors”? It was written right after this post on February 17th. In that article I make several recommendations, some of which you may have already tried. But the bottom line is that this is a management issue. If your employer values your work, they will not want allow a situation where you are not able to work effectively and may even consider leaving.

    Speak with your employer about the situation and be as objective and nonjudgmental as possible. But be clear about the facts…your coworker is creating an intolerable work environment where your attention and productivity is being negatively affected. This should grab the attention of your employer. Then, propose some reasonable solution for your employer to consider.

    Good luck with the situation. I wish you the best.

  9. By Katherine on May 2, 2008 | Reply

    I work about five feet from a woman that talks to herself incessantly. If she can’t find something, she announces it, only to be followed by “oh, here it is.” Her voice is loud and high pitched, she pounds her fist on the desk with every sentence she says on the phone. Finally, she constantly makes mistakes and then states “who did this?” She is the single most annoying person I have ever known.

  10. By Coryan on May 5, 2008 | Reply

    OMG, Katherine…now that is an annoying coworker. It is amazing how insensitive some people can be in the workplace. They assume behavior that would be acceptable in a noisy bar would also be welcomed at work.

  11. By Trixie on May 7, 2008 | Reply

    I have a coworker that sits on the other side of the cubicle wall. She talks on the phone all day long either cell or landline, she doesn’t care which one. But here is what is bothering me and another coworker: she consistently expects someone to go to lunch and bring her back something. Now, I have asked that favor a time or two in my life, but this gal has done it for 2 weeks straight. I usually only take a half hour lunch and sometimes I go tanning or take care of personal errands. Sitting in McDonald’s drive thru for someone else’s Big Mac because they are too lazy/cheap to go drive the 10 minutes is starting to get on my nerves. I’m at the point where I bring my own lunch so I don’t have to leave the office and provide her lunch. What do you all suggest?

  12. By Coryan on May 8, 2008 | Reply

    Well Trixie, you definitely have a coworker who is taking advantage of the situation. But she may think this behavior is perfectly acceptable. Here’s what I would do.

    The next time she asks, I would say something like, “Sorry, can’t do it today.” Short and simple. She may catch on, or she may ask why not. If she asked, I would be very clear that I don’t mind doing someone a favor when they really need it, but this has become more than a favor…it is a habit. Relationships and favors should never be one-sided.

    So, I’d start by saying no…and then, as in most situation, honesty is the best policy.

  13. By blondie1021 on May 20, 2008 | Reply

    I have a co-worker the next cube over that is so annoying… We live in MN, when she gets on the phone she talks very loud and changes her voice to a southern / staggering voice that is really bad, she extends all the words in her sentence, I think she thinks it’s professional. She also laughs a lot, at the smallest things that are not even funny – even while on the phone with customers. And she has the loudest laugh I’ve ever herd. She’s constantly bragging to everyone even customers about her “Perfect Family” Going on and on about her husband and two young kids, and I’ve run into her and her kids at a restaurant once, they are so out of hand. And if someone is having a conversation on the other side of the office, she will get up to join the conversation and bud in. She also has the answers to everyone’s questions, or she thinks she does. I also don’t think her husband can figure anything out by himself; he is calling at least 10x a day about something, even the smallest things that any normal adult can figure out. Than there’s her vocabulary… “Snickers” “Nummy” etc…

  14. By Coryan on May 22, 2008 | Reply

    Blondie…thanks for dropping by. It seems from your comment and others on this post, that loud co-workers on the phone is a major nuisance at work. We have some loud talkers at my workplace, but they are usually respectful and go to an office where they can close the door when they are talking. Good luck dealing with the loud one with the perfect family!

  15. By annoyed girl on May 22, 2008 | Reply

    So.. i work in cubeville and i sit next to a 36 y/o single mother who has a thing for younger guys and is constantly on the prowl for the next flavor of the month….AT WORK.. she is a very nice person, but she is always putting her 2 cents into the conversations i have with people who visit me at my cube.Everytime my goodd friends (who sits an aisle over) leave for lunch she says “don’t be afraid to bring me something back” and when we return she says ” what did you eat for lunch”… i mean every now an then is fine, but she does this EVERY SINGLE DAY! She then finds it necessary to hold a cell phone conversation with her Ex everyday, which ultimates ends up with her expressing how irrespinsible he is and “that’s why we’re not together” comments.. argghh.. everyone whispers about her, but i’m the only one who comments to her about it every now and then (which offends her and she’ll stop speaking to me for all of 20 min?!?!?) Then the next day.. it starts all over. She a great worker bee, but her whining about how she can’t find a man and OH.. the wight watcher points thing (that’s a whole ‘nother topic..lol) it’s too much… and no ona e will say anything to her directly, but they all complain to me about her. .what advice can you give me on how to deal with her and what to say to the others who complain but don’t say anything. I’ma afraid i’ll go off on everyone soon and then i’ll be having lunch alone…and working on another floor..lol…

    the one who speaks up.

  16. By Lisa on May 23, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Coryan,
    I have a couple doozies in my office… I have the loud talker who insists on peeking out and joining every conversation in other cubes and chiming in with her insanely annoying laugh, AND the high-pitched annoying laugher (that’s right- TWO annoying laughers!) who finds EVERYTHING funny… I have a “touchy-feely” one who likes to touch your arm when she tells you things, or smack you on the arm when someone makes a joke. on top of that, she mis-pronounces alot of words, which drives me INSANE! like “wartch” (watch)… and she tells the same story OVER and OVER and OVER- if i hear about the chinese cafe her husband took her to for her birthday, or that damn shrimp eggroll one more time…The worst is the ghetto one (thankfully a temp) who is about to ruin casual friday by accompanying her jeans with a wife beater tank top covered by a cut-off (at the boob area) bright pink athletic shirt with a big, green “25″ on it. Uggghhh… what makes you think you can dress that way- especially in a corporate office, ESPECIALLY when you just got the job??? If it weren’t for my 3 friends here, i would despise my job because of the idiots i deal with! Sorry this was so long, but i thank you for the opportunity to vent!

  17. By Coryan on May 27, 2008 | Reply

    Annoyed Girl – Geez, even handling the situation well doesn’t always work. Nonetheless, you get my respect for being “the one who speaks up.” Hope it gets better.

    Lisa – Sorry, but I could help but laugh at the description of the zoo you work in. :) I especially found the idea of someone with TWO different annoying laughs to be more than anyone should have to deal with. Also, do they sell wife beater tank tops under that name? Never heard them call that before, but the image immediately came to mind. Oh, and my mother is one of those that says “wartch”…it can be annoying, but for her it’s a regional dialect thing.

  18. By Lisa on May 29, 2008 | Reply

    they call them wifebeaters around here- not sure about where you are, but they are just the ribbed tank top like undershirts men wear- they make them for women too. anyway, it is actually two different individuals who each have a terribly annoying laugh- not one person with two different laughs…so it’s a double whammy! LOL :) thanks for this post, i feel better and this was fun!

  19. By Lacy on Sep 24, 2008 | Reply

    I work in a room with 3 other girls. (One being my sister)
    I am generally a quiet person. They have hired a new person a few months ago who is definately annoying the crud out of me. She eats, CONSTANTLY, tuna fish and crackes. She is loud. She sings to herself, taps, hums, laughs LOUD, and sits right next to me in a cubicle. Anr recently she bought a blackberry phone that has her kids who can barely utter a word clearly (which is typically cute) as her ring tone. Today, she disappeared for 4 hours. 4 FREAKING HOURS! Hurricane Ike just happened a week and a half ago, and while we were all at work the thursday after, she didnt show up until the Tuesday of the next week. I would have been fired, nothing will happen to her, because she claims she had nowhere to keep her kids. (Which her mother-whom she lives with-watched typically anyway)
    I would have been fired if I had tried that BS.
    The best part…She is temporary, and going permanent, even though I have told my boss almost everything in this email.
    Did I mention, she farted, sprayed some stinky perfume, and left the room without any warning? We honestly had to leave the room, because she stank it up so bad. Seriously. It wouldn’t go away for like half an hour.

  20. By A on Oct 2, 2008 | Reply

    My Canadian co-worker “PLS” is extremely annoying in a sense that he is a chatty brown noser. I understand when someone is being polite and respectful, but he is definitely not or he only chooses to do it to the upper management. This brown noser only talks to the management teams, especially the VP of our company. It’s so obvious to everyone that he is sucking up to the VP as he becomes the favorite. As a scientist, he does not do much lab work, however he always just plan some “high-level” useless proposals. He has self claim as the expert of the polymer, but when he is asked to do the hands on work, he would say he has never done this work before or just simply don’t know how to do it right. He can spend 2-3 weeks just to review his presentation again and again every day. This person definitely belongs to the #14 Unproductive team members and #13 Sucking up to the boss. Seeing him in the office/lab just makes people, his behavior just simply disgust me.

  21. By FORMER REBOULer on Nov 7, 2008 | Reply

    i used to sit outside of an ofc of a woman who would burp VERY LOUDLY sometime after lunch and when i FINALLY got up the nerve to say “BAR…A???!!!!” she asked “What, it’s not like I have control over it”!!!
    Oh, and another — while listening to the dictation machine, my boss at the time would EAT AND sound like he was spitting all over the machine, that was nasty too! (DON’T LOL, the guy up there will get annoyed)

  22. By Annoyed one on Nov 7, 2008 | Reply

    Patrick Lazy So….some of us describe him as FISH whcih has no back bone due to his character. He has become a leader of a team, however, he is a brain drain when he holds a meeting, he can keep on talking without making a point, every single thing become a critical question, obviously he does not know what he is doing, and that’s why he comes up with his poor plan.

  23. By Holly on Nov 14, 2008 | Reply

    I work in a big IT office with people from all over the world. there is a guy, here is what he did: he put his hand into cereal bag to grab a handful cereals, I tried to let him know this is not appropriate by suggesting him to pour to a bowl, and he didn’t get it, finally, I had to point out directly that the cereal is for all of us, he should not put his hand directly into the bag. he brought lunch every day, even soup, so the container leaks, his soup box is on the top shelf of the fridge, you can imagine what a mess inside the fridge. his personal office is next to mine, and I am the only girl in this entire IT office, everybody else walked by my office, they at most glanced into my office, and other people also only walked along the middle of the hallway, and this guy purposely walked closer to the side where my office is and turned his head, stretched his neck to look into my office while walking by. I never lifted up my head, but can feel his looking at me. so annoying! I did try to tell him by asking him: is there anything interesting in my office? but again, he didn’t get it.

  24. By JW on Aug 20, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Coryan, I just stumbled upon your blog. Boy oh boy have I had some annoying coworkers. I’ve dealt with the brown noser type, when I worked at a dry cleaning facility about three years ago. I had never met someone like that in my life, until i worked at that place. I was very naive at that time, so I didn’t know labels like “brown noser” and “patsy” but when I did learn the meanings of those words, I knew that he was the epitome of both. He was a scary person to deal with, because like another poster said, it’s not as if people like that are truly polite or helpful. They only make a point of being polite to people who will be impressed by the polite and helpful image.
    Also, I have worked with the loud talking, loud laughing type. The coworker I had to contend with was a woman who really thought she was something special, especially because of her loud behavior. She interrupted people’s conversations, laughed at things that didn’t concern her, and was also the type who would scold you if you said something she didn’t like. I thought that I was the only one who ever had to deal with this type of annoying coworker, until I started to read fora and message boards in which people would describe an annoying coworker and usually the annoying coworker would fit that description. And I hate to say it, but I was kind of happy that I waasn’t the only one dealing with such a nightmare. I think the worse part of dealing with the loud type of coworker is that a lot of the time they refuse to listen to anyone’s complaints about their loudness, because they will use the excuse that it is just part of their personality.

  25. By Coryan on Aug 20, 2009 | Reply

    JW, after 28 years in the workforce, I’ve definitely had a fair share of annoying co-workers. My only hope is that I was not one of those annoying co-workers to someone else. Your comment reminds me how lucky I am right now to work with a great bunch of folks.

  26. By Pat on Aug 25, 2009 | Reply

    I’m about to rip my hair out….the woman in the cubicle next to me is the most annoying person in the world. She constantly clears her throat LOUDLY every minute of every day of every year…its bad, it sounds like a cat hacking up a hairball. Plus she snaps her fingers, taps her pen, and sighs constantly. She also butts into every conversation whether wanted or not. She laughs to herself too. Plus, she is always behind in her work, and its not because of laziness, since she never leaves her desk and is always working, but she is just incompetent. Her supervisor always ends up doing her work for her. In my opinion, she should be fired, but that is the downside of being a union workplace, they protect the incompetents. I can’t take much more of the crusty old lesbian.

  27. By Greg on Aug 26, 2009 | Reply

    I think I have the most annoying co-worker known to man. This girl is absolutely grotesque and has no home training whatsover. This girl slams everything she has in her hands when she puts it down. She sits in the cubicle directly in front of me and there is only a glass separating us. Every morning when she comes in she slams her laptop, purse and keys on the desk. She laughs and giggles extremely loud and make a weird slurping sound at the end of each laugh. It is so loud, disgusting and distracting. She also taps her pens and finger, clicks her pens and talks to herself ALL day long!! She reads every email out loud and huffs and puffs when she breathes, it’s like working next to a dragon. She drags her feet when she walks, hits the desk everytime she gets up which causes a loud banging noise and she chews gum all day with her mouth open. I literally can’t believe that someone behaves this way and is completely oblivious to her grossness. On top of that she is a lousy worker, she never takes responsibility or accountibility for her actions or her department. I could literally go on for days about how disgusting, loud and distracting she is. The funny part is that I switched cubes to get away from her and she moved even closer to me, I don’t know why. I almost forgot that she talks on the phone all day long in a low, manly, smokerish, nasally voice. It’s so gross. And she SLAMS

  28. By Greg on Aug 26, 2009 | Reply

    sorry….hit post by mistake. Well she slams the phone, and I mean slams the phone after every conversation. Her hair is always dirty and wirey too. That felt good to vent.

  29. By Coryan on Aug 31, 2009 | Reply

    Wow, Pat and Greg, I can’t imagine working with either of your coworkers. I have a great coworker sharing an office with me right now, so I’m not experiencing the annoying coworker dilemma. Best of luck in trying to resolve these issues.

  30. By Lillian on Oct 16, 2009 | Reply

    Loved reading these and it is oddly comforting to vent with others about the people we have to put up with. I share an office with two other women. One of them drives me crazy. She talks soooooooo slowly and never can get to the point and repeats the same comments and makes our weekly staff meetings way longer then they need to be. It’s a waste of my time when I have lots of work. And she’s so negative about everything it absolutely depletes me and I basically ignore her and wear my earphones and try to focus on my work which is tough. Oh and did I mention how loudly she talks on the phone to her clients, many of whom are mentally ill and anxious so her pitch and volume escalate as the conversation does. I told my boss it’s like sitting at a bad table at Starbucks next to an annoying person on their cell phone that I can’t get away from. I can’t get up and move to another table. I’m trapped. ugh

  31. By JW on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    I had to come back to visit this blog to see if anyone else had posted a comment. I can truly empathize with Greg. I guess these loud laughing types get on everyone’s nerves since that seems to be a main description in many comments about annoying coworkers. And in the case of Greg’s coworker, I bet that if someone else was doing something that that coworker found annoying, she would be the first one to call that person on it. That’s usually how these types operate. They tend to be loud about everything and overly assertive if they have an issue with someone, but you can never tell the loud one anything,because the loud one usually has an alpha attitude and doesn’t want to be told a darned thing.
    With the loud person I worked with, I ended up getting frustrated with her to the point of mocking her laugh, one day. She interrupted a conversation I was having in order to laugh about something I said, and it ticked me off. I lost control of myself and got a real nasty attitude with her because I had already told her before that that she had a loud mouth, but she dismissed what I said. Sooooo Frrrrruuuuuustrrrrraaaaating!

  32. By JW on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    One more thing, I really think this coworker was Narcissistic, too. she was hihgly extraverted and bossy, which are two traits that are associated with narcissism.

  33. By Jessika on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply

    I think I can beat all of those stories. I currently work in a hospital with a woman who has a really bad temper. She has upset everyone that works with her to the point where one guy said he is going to have a nervous breakdown working with her, one has quit, and the other had ignored her for an entire year. The doctors have complained that she tries to tell them what to do, she comes to work late every day and the ones who have to sit over time to wait for her get upset. She turns every little thing into a HUGE drama fest. She never scans any patients, but watches football games instead or acts like she is busy doing nothing. I ahve had to step out 3 times to take a breather and just walk away from her for a few minutes. I have only had this job for a year and a half and I am already thinking of leaving.

  34. By Mcd on Mar 24, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Coryan, I’ve been working for 20 years now and the last job I’ve had that I enjoyed had the worst group of women I’ve ever worked with. One’s a brown noser who slept with management to get a head and acted all innocent and could never go wrong alsow was in everybody’s business. The one who set me up to lose my job with lies because she was f**** the boss. The other her gossip driven best friend who does the same she does plus when she gets jealous of you; you are thru! I just wonder how these two treachearous annoying co-workers are still allowed to do pull these stunts and NOBODY is doing anything about it. And this is suppose to be a law enforcement office (At least this is what my other co-woker whom I still talk to tells me) It was a good job to have without those 2. I guess the office allows special priveleges to a certain group of race! This is illegal apparently not here.

    Now, I’m sort of dealing with the NEW girl that works in my department who thinks she’s Soooo special, speaks her native language out loud because the callers are too stupid to understand even their own language. I’m bilingual too but I speak English most of the time and don’t make excuses! Then our boss I think plays favorites because they are the same race plus this girl didn’t even compete for this job and she has relatives here doesn’t get in trouble for anything because they have the same race. When I did her job I got in trouble for petty, trivial things. Really has annoyed me to no end. Then she wears the loudest perfume you could smell her so far away and leaves her scent when she uses my computer and she types on the keyboard with her acrylic nail so loud but all she’s doing is gossiping with another co-worker about someone else at work! Also, she’s 3 feet tall and wears 8″ heels that pretends she’s tall because she’s insecure with her height. She’s single and flirts with all the married men in the office! She makes me want to trip her when she walks by. And to top the list, she’s a show-off and makes our boss thinks she can be a boss to us in our dept and she’s the newest one. The type that will take over your a job because you took a day off to take care of your sick child! What do I do to deal with this. I’ve been here longer than her and she’s getting special treatments! I CANNOT TOLERATE this person!

  35. By Mrs. Morris on Jun 8, 2010 | Reply

    We have a receptionist that never forgets to remind us she has over 20 years of experience in another field. If you are so valuable then why were you let go? The funny things is she doesn’t even want to go back into that field. She won’t do anything in her job description. You knew what the job was before you took it. We told you it was not a typical sit there and do nothing job because we are a small office and need all the help we can get. It really annoys me because I did that job for a lot less money. It isn’t really hard. She is too good to do anything and curses in front of clients. And to top it off in the 2 months she has worked here she has never been on time!

  36. By jeannie on Jul 27, 2010 | Reply

    I work with another teacher who comes in late and expects tutors or other teachers to pick up her students. She stays on personal calls texting, talking, or screaming into the phone during class. Meanwhile the kids are doing nothing…
    She is very loud, confrontational, and flashy yet everyone LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her from administration, tutors, other teachers, and parents. It’s like a social club in her room. They eat her poo all day.
    I don’t get it, the kids don’t learn anything and our principal ignores the fact that this teacher does everything but teach. The prinicpal allowed her to scream and jump around and point her finger in my face after a meeting about test scores turned into a personal attack on me because my kids did well. Still don’t get it.
    This teacher knows what to say during meetings and professes her love and hard word, HAHAHA! When I talked to the principal later, she said “What should I have done?” UHHH your job!
    She has lots of experience teaching and takes the same training classes, but never knows or remembers what to do. When I try to help she’s surfing online, checking her bank account, talking on the phone or putting on lipstick. She even won “Teacher of the Year” award!!! Maybe I’m jealous because she gets a lot of attention, but I wish she would crash and burn. There’s nothing I can do except laugh.

  37. By office emplyee on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    I work in small office with only 3 people. We have this one girl who only talks about herself all the time and does not stop singing, humming or whistling. It drives me bananas, I have told our manager but nothing has changed. I am not sure what I can do to make it stop.

  38. By looking for a way out on Dec 30, 2010 | Reply

    In my office, there is a co-work who claims she can do all the work, when in reality she is constantly behind in her work. The boss wanted someone to help her and she liked to hide the work. This is upsetting when my boss wanted me to help. The worker comes back at me and says she’s got it covered. When my boss when to her desk, the co worker had a STACK and claimed that she had to look through it for some lame reason. I guess she wants to prove she can do the work but she’s done this before and she thinks she can pull the wool over the eyes of the new bosses.

  39. By Tracey on Mar 22, 2011 | Reply

    I absolutely hate it when my co-worker in the next office pops her gum all day, with her office door wide open! Seriously? We do not all need (or want) to hear that! and what’s worse is that she KNOWS she is annoying people. She does it on purpose for spite, she seems to think it’s funny! What a witch!

  40. By DJC on Apr 11, 2011 | Reply

    I work in a very small office and the 2nd-in-command’s office is closest to my desk (I sit in the open). He burps (loud, chunky and often), farts (not as frequent as the burping) sucks food off his fingers when he is eating, slurps his coffee/tea, giggles (and I mean giggle–not laugh) for no reason in a high-pitched tone, blurts out random comments to himself (and then giggles), sings made-up songs in that same high-pitched tone about how his computer is annoying or his work is so hard, snorts snot, hocks it back up and then spits it out in the small kitchen area we have, and clips his toe nails in his office. He plays his music loudly (I’ve asked him very kindly at least 3 times in the past few weeks to turn it down–I would ask more often but I feel rude–I thought he would get the hint when I asked 2 times in as many days, but no luck). One day he played the same song on repeat for 5 hours straight. I thought I was going to lose it. His cell phone rings a half-dozen to a dozen times a day. I know this because he won’t put it on vibrate–it’s a loud ringtone so I hear it very clearly. He chews with his mouth open so I can hear him eating even though he’s in his office. I don’t know what to say–the boss thinks he can do no wrong, and I can’t afford to lose my job, but it’s impacting my work. If he isn’t a cacophony of bodily noises, he is making personal calls on the company phone or his cell phone.
    It’s hard to work listening to those noises. And his office stinks because well, he smells and he has a habit of leaving his workout clothes hanging up in there for weeks.
    The others in the office have their cell phones on as well–so if one person’s isn’t ringing another one’s often is(NO ONE has it on vibrate but me–and I usually have my cell phone turned off when I’m at work). There’s only a half-dozen people in this office. Why are they so loud, smelly, rude, etc.? I said to one guy (because I can joke around with him) “Dude, WHAT are you sucking on?” He said–”You can’t hear me sucking on this candy can you?”. I replied–”Why would I ask you that if I couldn’t?”. And yet, he still sits in his office, sucking on candy so loudly that anyone can hear it. I am thankful that he hasn’t joined the other guy in the burping/farting/giggle fest though.
    I try to work with headphones on, but unless I turn up the music VERY loud, I can still hear the burping, slurping, sucking, singing, music, and cell phones ringing. And when I have felt myself getting very upset and feeling no other recourse than to turn the music up very loud, then I can’t hear my phone ring or people asking me questions. I can’t take a break without my boss commenting on it–even if it’s just 5 minutes. The others take 1 1/2 to 2 hour lunch breaks and the boss says NOTHING. I am gone for 35 minutes instead of 30 and he asks me where I was for “all that time”.
    Sorry, so frustrated. And I really can’t afford to lose my job.

  41. By Herb on May 11, 2011 | Reply

    I have a co-worker next to my cube who chews crushed ice constantly starting at 7:30am thru to 4:30pm. Two 20oz. cups three times a day. Then she mixes in Heath taffy brickle. Then she takes calls on her cell which loudly announces who the caller is and plays music while waiting for her to answer. Then the high pitched voice you can hear 30ft. away while she talks to her son, daughter, “boyfriend”, aunt, cousin, friends or whatever sales person from the store catalog she ordering her personal items from. Then comes the nail polish remover. then comes the distraught, overworked rant. Take me away please.

  42. By Tammy on Jun 12, 2011 | Reply

    I, guess life is not easy people can be very crull. People spread awlful things that hurt. I,just discided to smile at the them and stay away from them. It is like the girl is trying to get me fired. Iam very hard worker try do my best.

  43. By justme on Sep 30, 2011 | Reply

    Do we work at the same place? When I read your story I literally laughed aloud. I am glad that I am not the only one who wears headphones at work in a feeble attempt to drown out the annoying sound of someone who smells like vomit,talks to himself, reads everything aloud, tells me the same run on stories about his neighbors choice of car and all kinds of things that I don’t give a rats you-know-what about, he asks me questions about how to do his job then cuts me off an begins telling me a 20 minute story about what his wife packed him for lunch or some other boring and pointless ramble. He eats loudly and I can hear him moving the food around his mouth which is completely disgusting and absolutely turns my stomach. He will tap me on my shoulder(because I am attempting to ignore his conversation by wearing headphones) while I am typing to tell me that his wife just texted him to tell him to walk the dogs when he gets home….I tell him OK why are you telling me this? and he will be like well, I figured I’d tell you. Seriously???? I share an office with this dumb melon head who needs help with everything and is obnoxious. I can barely stand him and I almost hope that he is reading over my shoulder(something he often does) He also makes racist jokes which I have even said don’t you think thats kind of racist and then he defends it with yet another rant.He gets in my business and follows me around,He doesn’t follow through on anything I suggest that he does, he also asks for my advice …I give it then, he talks to me for like 20 minutes about why he is going to do it his own way….I have started just telling him to ask the Boss or I don’t know or just sounds fine…I have also caught him going through my desk to get goal information to use for his caseload to copy I confronted him and he just stuttered. I told my boss about some of these issues but I don’t want to seem like I am targeting him because there is just so much to complain about(as you can see from my gigantic run-on sentence) But, I guess things could be worse…I feel better now

  44. By Mel on Jan 12, 2012 | Reply

    All of these people work in my office!!! The worst is the guy from NY (we’re in the South) who always wants to give me the ‘benefit of his 22 years with the company’. He’s obnoxious, always disrespects women and thinks everything he says is funny. When he asks me a question about something, he will go back to his desk and ‘research’ the subject just to prove me wrong. I almost hate coming to work every day just because the sound of his voice makes my teeth hurt.

  45. By Alyssa on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    I would love some help on this one: I have an annoying coworker who hisses to herself all day long. She talks to herself but all I can hear is the sharp-S sound from every word with an S in it. I cannot stand it!!! since I have highly sensitive hearing, I listen to this all day long! I want to cry! I’ve told the boss, he chatted with her, it was better for about 2 months, but she’s back at it. Please help !!!!

  46. By beau on Jul 19, 2012 | Reply

    I hate loud mouth people WHO TALK LIKE THEY ARE IN THE COUNTRY.

    I hate the morons that give out their office number to all the friggin friends.

    I hate people that want to correct you when they don’t know what the hell they are doing in the first place.

    I hate women who wear those loud high heel shoes then wants to walk back and fourth all got damn day long.

    I hate hearing the womens big mouth conversations when they go restrooming together.

    I hate people that wait to get to work to make personnal phone calls.

    I hate people that speak in different languages.

    I hate hearing about your weekend over and over again.

    I hate people that brag and lie all the time.

    I hate people who come to work late everyday then dissappear.

    I hate facebook and all you dumb ass pictures

    I hate people who bring their little stupid snotty nose kids to work.

    I hate those stupid little noises you make all day long.


  47. By Laura on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    I work in a college and the other woman in our office suite is so loud you can hear her all the way down at the end of the hall. My office has a door but she will continue to talk even after I shut it, just louder. She uses speakerphone for all phone calls and checking voicemails, and after she gets off the phone she will complain loudly and make personal comments about the caller, along with saying things about their driving and other court-related records that are supposed to be confidential. The students at the other end of the floor can hear it all! She also looks up other employees’ background records online, then gossips loudly about them. Sometimes she gives me such a headache I have to go to a conference room to work, but then my boss is pissy because she can’t reach me on my phone.

  48. By Liz on Mar 12, 2013 | Reply

    OMG-I was at the end of my rope today because of a loud co worker in the cubical next to mine and an even louder administrative assistant that is situated right outside of my cubicle. So on a whim I Googled “What do you do about annoying co-workers?” and found this blog.
    The administrative assistant constantly is talking loud on speaker phone to her son, grandson, bank, doctor and bill collectors, but when a customer calls, she is rude and puts them off without assisting them. The administrative assistant just doesn’t know better and no-one corrects her, and I am not her boss so I can’t correct her either …..But to top it off the co-worker is the WORST- she sighs very very loudly at least 4200 times a day while saying under her breath “ Oh god” and “Jesus” and “Ugh” and “I’m so tired” …and she slams the phone and talks to herself all day long including talking out loud about what idiots people are, all to herself, When she isn’t talking to herself she is walking all around the office talking about how tired she is and how busy she is and when she isn’t doing that she goes to the cubicle next to mine and whispers to another co-worker, and as she is leaving she says to the co-worker in a normal voice, “well I thought that was interesting.” I know full well she wants me to ask what was interesting, but I know not to fall for that, I don’t want to hear her gossip anyway. She would throw me under the bus in a second but I do like Justme who commented here on September 30 2011, I keep to myself, keep headphones on and keep my work to myself because yes she has taken credit for my work before too…. and when she asks me a question about a project or something that is upcoming I tell her I don’t know or go ask our boss. She is a brown nose, busy body gossip kiss up rude mean person…Phew….that felt good as I have been in the workforce for over 35 years including working in factories and assembly jobs and restaurant jobs and have never ever come across anyone like this mean annoying rude awful lady…

  49. By LMAO on May 9, 2013 | Reply

    You left out the story teller or the classic Tall tale individual. I have a co worker who always has to “better” the story. It’s pretty funny stuff:

    If you have a nice tropical fish tank at home, he has 2 tropical fish tanks with $50,000 worth of fish. If your neighbor just restored a 1956 caddy, he just had a car custom built by his contacts at Ford. You mention that you are lucky enough to have a contact at a particular company, he too has contacts, but his are right up the chain to the CEO. You enjoy skiing or have an outdoor hobby, but he is a master at almost everything from sky diving to water skiing. You have a watch dog at home who is trained at protecting the family, he has a dog that everyone admires and it is very vicious and yet protective at the same time. The stories are endless and the accomplishments of this individual would take 75 years…….

  50. By LMAO on May 9, 2013 | Reply

    Forgot to mention that the one better stories have no discrimination. They can be bad or good things. It just depends on the story you tell 1st. If the story you tell is bad, then his is worse and over the top. If your story is good, his is better and over the top. I worked with this guy 10 years ago. I got him good one day as I set him up on a story that I knew he would trip up on.

    HA HA………funny, funny, and even more funny than you can imagine.

  51. By Ann on Mar 24, 2014 | Reply

    I sit next to an older lady that really is nice however. She is losing her hearing and so she talks loudly and asks personal questions. We are in a Cubical land and it’s very quiet,so it’s very embarassing. She goes out to smoke every hour and reaks so bad when she comes back. Slams her hand on her desk and complains over EVERYTHING! Heavy signs ALL day long… slams drawers, throws paper in the air when frustrated….it’s funny sometimes, but honestly, I can’t stand it! She rolls over to my desk to complain about managment, I just smile and say “you need to talk to THEM about it” I try to stay positive, but she is very draining. She asks questions about her job, all day long as well…and if she doesn’t like your answer, she will roll around in her chair to different desks for other opinions… drives me crazy…I feel bad, but I hate coming to work!

  52. By Chris on Sep 5, 2014 | Reply

    These things you are listing are not inherently that bad, it is your job that is bad. You are taking it out on your coworkers. That’s an annoying coworker behavior.

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