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Best Blogs and Websites for Midlifers

Written by Coryan on June 15, 2008 – 9:54 pm -

Woman and SkyGiven that this blog is about midlife career change, I decided to share a bit on midlife and skip the career change angle for a moment. These blogs and websites are some that I regularly read (or friends and family read) on the topic of midlife. A few of the blogs are simply interesting personal journals about a midlifer’s own journeys and others have advice and guidance for those in midlife.

Midlife Gals – By their own description, this blog contains the “Daily irreverent observations by two twisted middle-aged sisters in Texas. ” Put your own midlife miseries on the shelf for an hour and read the humorous, insightful and often quirky adventures of Lizbet and Mayrie. Recommended Reading: Please Hold…For the Next Available Representative.

Midlife and Treachery – This longtime blog covers a variety of topics ranging from Medicaid to Monty Python. Viewing life as a midlifer with a disability is often not all that different from many of our own experiences. And when it is different, you can expect to find an interesting post about it at Midlife and Treachery. Recommended Reading: At Home in Summer.

Midlife Mysteries – When I first started blogging last November, this was the first midlifer blog that I read. Actually, it was one of the blogs that sparked my own interest in blogging. Cathy’s blog is not just an interesting read, but it is also one of the best designed blogs I know…love that header! Recommended Reading: My Double Life.

LifeTwoLifeTwo – LifeTwo is a magazine style website for those of us just getting our second wind in life. Just read the tabs at the top of the page to get an idea of the variety of topics covered at this site. Since I’ve been getting into listening to podcasts, I have really enjoyed the podcasts at LifeTwo. Recommended Reading: What’s Your Calling?

Mid-Life Rider – Maybe it’s a midlife crisis, and maybe not. But regardless of what it is, Kevin’s motivation to create a blog about midlife and motorcycling is a success. I read the blog just to feed my own desire to get away sometimes. I love the photos and the journal entries describing Kevin’s biking journeys. Recommended Reading: The Long Road Home.

Confessions of a Mid-life Trucker’s Wife – This is a new blog that is popular with my wife. She describes the stories and images as heartwarming. I’ve even been know to read a post or two from the rambling trucker’s wife. Recommended Reading: Supper Table Discussions.

The Boomer Chronicles – If midlife blogs have one thing in common, it’s probably that they cover nearly every topic imaginable. The Boomer Chronicles is another great blog that is as likely to have you laughing as grabbing a pen to jot down some great information you can use later. Recommended Reading: Another Bigfoot Sighting that Blew Me Away.

TeeBeeDee – TeeBeeDee, as in To Be Determined, is a growing community of midlifers and beyond who share in discussions on popular topics like politics, careers and family. I try to drop in at least once a week to read a few discussions and post in the UTurnAhead career change group. Membership is free. Recommended Reading: Dysfunctional Bosses.


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